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"Talking Turkey"

"This is Howie Kursell, coming to you from Old Mac's farm. This year we've decided to get the Turkey's perspective on Thanksgiving Day. You know, The Rest of The Story"

"Excuse me Mr. Tom, but may we have a few words from you about this holiday?"

"OH NO, it's coming, it's coming. Every year I have to go through this. Walk, walk, walk, walk. Hup 1-2-3-4, not much time left, gotta keep going.

"You really wanna know what it's like for us Turkeys? Well this is what my night dreams are like:

"Some nights I'm lucky enough to have a good dream."

"I see that you and your friends are stageing a protest. Do you think people will listen to what you all have to say?"

"Well maybe not, but we have to stand up for our rights. We're trying to get the group for animal rights to help us."


"Gotta keep going, cant stop now, their counting the days."

"Why are you constantly walking? Are you really that concerned about your fate?

"Well sir it's like this, every year at about this time I do this so that by the time those pilgrims are ready to go hunting I will look like this. It has worked so far, I'm going on 5 years."

"Well folks, now you know all of the rest of the story. Till next time.
This is Howie Kursell,


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